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This site serves as the main data portal for blackraen@unit03. Largely focused on Japanese Games and translation, I have some other content as well.

Health Care Warning: Avoid_Eugene_Physicians_Group_-_They_Lie_Steal_and_Cheat

GAMES.Video Game Based Projects

This will cover any content I generate regarding games. Largely this will be translation content, either of the games themselves, or associated materials. Obviously, Ciel nosurge is a large part of this content.

Project Titles

The following is a list of the various game titles I have done some translation work for.

TECH.Miscellaneous Technical Content

Stuff here. Scripts, code, hardware, controllers.

(2016.Mar.03) CnSiE Subtitle Panel and Nametag Generation Scripts

I actually scripted the BG panel and Nametag generation I described in the previous CnSiE subtitling article, but I did it using a shell script because I don't know LUA very well. Eventually I'll make an Aegisub plugin.

(2016.Mar.01) Suppressing Chinese IPs (Unix Servers)

Because China is responsible for such a huge majority of network scan/probe/attack traffic.

(UNKN.Mn.Day) Subtitling techniques used for CnSiE Videos

This is an outline of how I create the panels/subtitles used in the Ciel nosurge in English videos.

NOTES.Unsorted Articles, Writings

Miscellaneous articles, essays, discussions, and other notes that I may want to create.

List of Articles