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Ciel nosurge is a game based in the EXA Pico universe for the PlayStation Vita in Japanese for the Japan region. The game presents your Vita as a terminal, allowing you to interact with a girl named Ion (イオン) who appears to be trapped (almost) alone in an unknown place.

Game play is multi-tiered, featuring a communication style game where you talk to and interact with Ion, have her craft items and food, and retrieve ingredients for crafting. Beyond that, players can then 'dive' into Ion, creating fairy-like entities called Sharls which are then used to repair Ion's memories.

Memory repair then unlocks small episodes of back-story presented in a Visual Novel format.

  • As of now there have been no announced plans for a localization
  • Ciel nosurge is the PREQUEL to the game Ar nosurge -- a localization into English for the Americas and Europe regions have been announced for September 2014.