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Filament Star, by Ionasal kkll Preciel

Pages 2, 3

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived all by herself. Even though she lived by herself, she never thought herself to be lonely. She had been by herself for such a long time that she had forgotten what loneliness was.

The girl spent her every day writing by herself, cooking food by herself, tending her flowers by herself, sewing clothes by herself, and putting together machines by herself.

This never particularly bothered the girl.

Pages 4, 5

However that was all there was. With just that, each and every day was empty.

One day, alone, the girl looked up at the night sky. The sky was sparkling. Twinkle, twinkle. The stars in the night sky were gleaming brightly.

Pages 6, 7

The girl was not particularly good at anything but singing and crafts, so in order to get closer to the lights in the sky she made a cable, created some code, used a file to shape, polished the metal to a shine, and then mixing some medicine, she finished making a vacuum tube, its filament shining with a beautiful light.

Its light sparkled. Twinkle, twinkle.

It sat on the table shining like a little star. A single flashing point. Just that, but alive. However, somewhere in the girl's heart, she felt like a fire had been lit.

Pages 8, 9

After creating the Filament Star, the girl would greet it upon waking, saying "Good morning." After completing a well-done weld, she would say "I'm happy." After a failure in the kitchen, she would say "I'm sad." And at the end of the day, she would say, "Good night," before going to bed. And every time in return, the light would respond.

Twinkle, twinkle.
Twinkle, twinkle.

The girl's empty life had become filled with light. Meals had become filled with flavor, the smell of her flowers had become so sweet, and the colors in the sky had become so vibrant. Now, even when she failed, the girl enjoyed herself, every day was a joy.

Pages 10, 11

There came one evening when the girl had a dream. In this dream she rode upon the back of a dragon, flying here and there, where ever she wished to go. "Fly me into the night sky, far enough to touch the stars." Hearing the girl's wish, the dragon leaped into flight, taking the girl high enough to reach the stars in the night sky. However, once they arrived the girl saw there was nothing there.

"Why?" she asked. Their light had been so beautiful.

The dragon answered thus:

Pages 12, 13

"The light was only an illusion."

Pages 14, 15

After waking from that dream, the girl saw that the vacuum tube and filament were no longer shining very well. She wondered to herself if it was broken. Because the girl was not particularly good at anything but singing and crafts, she would fix broken machines herself.

While preparing her tools, a thought occurred to the girl. Maybe it was just her imagination that the light was responding to her words.

Just like the light of the stars had been an illusion, the girl thought that maybe it was too convenient she could have created such a machine. After thinking that way, the vibrant light had suddenly become dull and tinged.

"... I'm so foolish."

The light did not answer. Of course not, it was broken, after all. Hoping to forget about it, the girl put the broken machine in a box and closed the lid. I'll forget about you. After all, I've lived by myself this whole time.

Pages 16, 17

After that, the girl would wake up alone without saying "Good morning" to anyone.
After completing a well-done weld, she would not say "I'm happy" to anyone.
After a failure in the kitchen should would not say "I'm sad" to anyone.
And finally, at the end of the day she would go to sleep without saying "Good night" to anyone.

There was nothing and no one to answer the girl after all. Her meals were always bland, her flowers began to wilt, and even the sky had become dull and darkened. In the pitch black of night, there were no stars to be seen.

Pages 18, 19

Unable to bear it any longer, huge drops of tears began to fall from the girl's eyes. Through her tears, the girl opened the box, taking the broken machine out, and while hugging it tightly she said in a small voice "I'm lonely."

Having finally said the words from her own mouth, she could no longer hold back.

"I'm so lonely."

If only someone or something could respond, just respond. For the first time she realized that she hadn't been alone, but despite that, she had been lonely all this time.

She held the machine close to her chest, but even though it was broken, when her tears fell down and flowed onto the circuits, it seemed like a small light appeared for just a moment. It was almost as if it had heard her say "I'm lonely."

Because the girl was no longer alone she realized that she might not be the only who was feeling lonely. This machine might have been feeling lonely too, at the same time and in the same way.

17 pages 20 21.png

The girl did everything she could to fix the machine. Just like the first time, she made a cable, created some code, used a file to shape, polished the metal to a shine, and then mixed some medicine, making sure that it would never be shut away in a dark box, alone, ever again.

The dragon had told her in her dream, "The light was only an illusion."

The girl knew that the star-like lights in the night sky were not real. They were only lingering illusions from a time and place long gone when stars would shine in the night sky, twinkle twinkle. But those stars don't shine in this world's sky.

18 pages 22 23.png

Fixed by the girl, the machine once again glowed as if it was smiling.

Twinkle, twinkle.
Twinkle, twinkle.

This light might also be an illusion.

In truth, there may not be someone else on the other side of that light. But the girl wasn't sad anymore. She didn't think she was foolish anymore.

19 pages 24 25.png

The truth is what you decide in your heart. So even if the light is only a light, even if it is just an illusion, her happiness and the fun she had could not be erased. Even if it is shapeless and cannot be touched, the joy in her heart could not be denied, it was the truth after all.

It's not like the girl was shut away in a box, but somehow she felt she had become more free after meeting the light. The girl wondered to herself where she would go from here.

To the mountains. Maybe to visit the ocean. A strange store perhaps. And then from there, a world like nothing ever seen before. And if it could be done, she would do it together with the vacuum tube, the filament, that brightly shining light.

The girl never wanted to feel lonely again, and just the same she never wanted to make the light feel lonely either.

If there really was another person on the other side of the light, how would that girl appear to them? Perhaps to them the girl was a single point of light as well.

20 pages 26 27.png

Twinkle, twinkle.

A light shining on a table, like a small star. A single flashing point. Just that, but alive. Just that, just that. But just that is fine.

As I am just a single point of light, so are you a single point of light.

The happiness I feel right now will never be diminished.

We'll smile together during fun times.
We'll cry together during sad times.
We'll be together when we feel lonely.
That's what it means to not be alone anymore.

21 pages 28 29.png

There are stars in the sky. You and me, we're both here.

Even if I rode the dragon, he couldn't take me to you. We cannot touch, we cannot hold each other. Things without form cannot cross over, but I will sing so that some day you will hear my song.

I'm not particularly good at anything but singing and crafts, so I pray that my formless song will reach you one day.

22 pages 30 31.png

I may just be one of many stars to you, but to me you are the only one. No matter how far away. Even if you are an illusion. It doesn't matter. Did my feelings reach you? Can you hear my song?

Thank you for finding me in the middle of that vast sky.

Thank you for staying with me in the middle of this vast world.

23 inside back.png

Filament Star --- First Edition published January 15th, 2013

Author Ion (Ionasal kkll Preciel)
 ©GUST CO.,LTD./Iduki Kougyoku 2013 Printed in Japan
Ion's Friend Iduki Kougyoku
Publisher Mikinosuke Suzuhara & Katsushi Ota
Editor Katsushi Ota
Assistant Editor Kunihiro Okamura
CD Recording Naoki Okabe
CD Sound Supervisor Ryousuke Naya
Design Veia

Translation Afterword

This is the book that is referenced during Ion's Genometrics in the game Ar nosurge.

Beginning in late November 2012/early December 2012 players of Ciel nosurge began to be receive conversations from Ion regarding a project she was working, ultimately culminating in the reveal that she had written a book and that Nelico had a way to send it to us, the player.

Gust later indicated that copies of Filament Star would be on sale at Comiket 83 (December 29, 2012), with a general public edition being available through select booksellers and Gust Shop on Jan 13th, 2013. All copies are now long sold out and only occasionally appear on auction and reseller sites as an extremely collectible item.

The book itself comes in a box sleeve with an additional CD case and cover, featuring a spoken foreword from Ion (CV: Ai Kakuma), a full reading of the book, and an afterword.

I've tried to maintain the character of this story, but due to differences between English and Japanese, I had to make an adjustment. This book follows a three part division in how the subject of this written. In the beginning the book very clearly uses the 3rd person subject "the girl", but towards the middle this usage becomes ambiguous and omitted, while at the same time explicitly stating the 2nd person "you" making it sound as if the writer is now using first person.

There is one instance where I was forced to use a pronoun that was not explicitly in the story. I believe I made the right decision.

I hope you enjoyed it.

- blackraen/apr2015

Update (17-July-2015): I have incorporated a few edits I made to my original translation to get even closer to the source material as part of a small video project. Everything is effectively the same, but the subtle differences are important for a simple work like this. This is without a doubt my favorite translation I've ever done.

Additional Images

Filament Star Package - Front
Filament Star Package - Back
Filament Star CD - Front
Filament Star CD - Back
Filament Star CD - Inside
Inside Cover, Page 1
Back Cover


I was too conflicted to actually post the audio tracks, but someone else has in case you were curious to hear them. These videos are not mine, and I won't be attaching or suggesting my translation be applied to them, but I wanted to link to them anyways since Filament Star is so difficult to come by at this point:

As noted, I have gone ahead and created a video using pictures of the book along with track 2 and my translation and posted it on youtube. You can watch it here: