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rikudo madoite kanashiya
六道 惑ひて 哀しや
And those sorrowful lost among the Realms Six

The second in a series of articles intended to discuss the Buddhist concepts invoked during the Class::CIEL_NOSURGE; song.

This articles topic is The Six Realms.

The above article goes well into depth regarding structure and variation invoked by the 六道 or 六道輪廻 but does not really discuss the implications for the life of one stuck within those realms.

Enlightnment itself is to break free of the Six Realms through understanding, to become separated from the cycle of life and death, birth and rebirth. Another word for this is Samsara, and the sanskrit root is to imply wandering. Ultimately the Six Realms (though as discussed in the above article there are many different interpretations with variations in the number of declinations) is a circular trap for beings trapped by their own karma.

Some of the difficulty in addressing karma from a Western stand-point is the lack of assumption in reincarnation. To see the whole picture when it comes to karma, you have to understand that the actions of previous lives become baggage for the current life. This can take an oppressive feel at first when you consider first that that means you are presently the victim of your previous live's actions, and that you are presently imparting karma that will impact your next life as well. Karma as a concept is mean to deliver a sense of continuousness and connection that Western Christian society is not familiar with in context of a single life, and the promised absolution of Christ.

Karma becomes a chain of chronic action and consequence that weighs the soul down to the Six Realms, and without Enlightenment, one cannot supercede their own karma and break free of those chains.

Thus, this line in Class::CIEL_NOSURGE; is a lament. The singer (herself being removed from the Six Realms as well, though not in a positive sense) laments because from her overlooking viewpoint, she can see these people, these souls, lost and wandering aimlessly among the Six Realms, and she wishes she could help them.